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From humble beginnings in 2009 down ​under (Australia) we've grown into a ​worldwide of +10,000 members!

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What we offer

Manabu community nomads aren't limited to a single location but form a global ​network of individuals connected by shared values and interests.

This diversity fosters cross-cultural exchange and allows members to learn from ​each other's experiences and best practices in sustainable living and working.

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Collaborate with us to reach a global ​audience through our powerful ​global networking and over 10K ​newsletter audience.

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Elevate your brand

Joining forces with a global ​community can give your company ​or product the ultimate fame boost!

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Eco-Tech Community

Tech-savvy nomads, engineers, ​devs, founders, Tech-preneurs who ​have a shared interest in living and ​working sustainably.

Join our Global Locations

Engage, exchange ideas, and work together in local events, SNS groups, and ​Slack communities. In Fukuoka City, Japan, our vibrant tech community is known ​as the Fukuoka Startup Collective, bringing together tech founders, developers, ​engineers, academics, and small businesses. Come join us today!

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Fukuoka Startup


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Cairns, Sunshine Coast, ​Mooloolaba

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Partner with us

Promote Innovation & Startups: Foster a vibrant ​tech ecosystem by attracting and supporting ​remote workers and entrepreneurs

Boost Local Economy: Stimulate local businesses ​and services through the spending power of ​remote workers

Develop Sustainable Communities

Collaborate with our eco-conscious individuals to promote sustainable practices ​and green initiatives. Attract Global Talent to Enhance your region's appeal to ​skilled tech professionals seeking new experiences.

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250 USD per year

Discounts on Eco-Products, Events

10% off sustainable bikes,​ events

Sustainable Footwear Discount:

¥1,000 off Allbirds footwear

Travel & Accommodation Perks:

10% off tours in Brisbane & South East ​Queensland, free coffee at Lyf Tenjin, Fukuoka.

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Partner / Sponsors

3,500 USD per year

Brand Exposure:

Feature your logo on our events, Mkt, network

Priority Event Invitations:

Be the first to join exclusive networking, events

Reach Global

Be promoted in our podcast, 10K newsletters

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Member’s Voice

Opinions on Our Community

Together, we successfully ​established a collaboration and ​inc​r​edible support in Japan

Deana L​.

Business Portrait of Young Woman

Thanks to Manabu, I discovered ​a supportive community of like-​minded digital nomads.

Em​ily T.

Asian Young Man

Attending local events was ​a game-changer. Engaging​, insightful, and inspiring​!

Shun K​.

Exciting update: Manabu Community is ​now an Ambassador for Nomad ​Insurance!

News, Blog

Explore Events, Activities, and Collaborations

Join Our Founder's Blog.

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Tech entrepreneur Pablo Riveros ​spent more than a decade working ​abroad before starting the Fukuoka ​Startup Collective, a community for ​both nomads and expats.

He said Japan had lots to offer, from ​its fast internet and transport, to its ​culture and cost of living.

Pablo Riveros - founder ​Manabu community

ABC NEWS, Feb 2024

Upcoming Events

Our next event is schedule on Wed 21, 19PM Join US!

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