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Softanding FUKUOKA , JPN (21~25TH OCT)

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Established in Australia in 2009, the Manabu Community Hub is a leading global eco, tech, ​software engineers nomads community with over 15,000 members worldwide. It plays a key role ​as parenting hub at Fukuoka Startup Collective (FSCO) based in Fukuoka City, Japan.

About Manabu Community Hub: Where ​Innovation Meets Sustainability

To empower a global network of tech leaders, remote workers, and eco-conscious individuals.

We believe in:

ESG sustainability business, Earth


down Barriers

Fostering collaboration and ​connection regardless of location, ​tech expertise or roles.

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Building a sustainable ​future

Championing eco-friendly practices ​and responsible technology ​development.

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Empowering ​individuals

Providing resources, support, and ​opportunities to help our members ​thrive.

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Join us and be part of a Global ​movement that's:

A vibrant community of Founders, Senior Business, CEOs, High-Skill developers and Eco-Tech Nomads. Working ​together to create a more sustainable and equitable future.

Manabu Community is the parent of the “Fukuoka Startup Collective (FSCO)” our local Tech Hub in Japan and other ​hubs around the world.

Japan’s Tech, Startup Hub

Fukuoka (FSCO)

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Cairns, Port Douglas,

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Su​nshine Coast, Noosa

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Chilenos en Australia

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Partner with us

Promote Your Brand & Startups: Scale global ​with the help/support/network of our community.

Boost Local Economy: Stimulate local businesses ​and services through the spending power of ​remote workers, our members and international ​business partners.

Develop Sustainable ​Communities

Collaborate with our community to promote any sustainable practices and green ​initiatives. Attract global talents and top professional seeking new experiences, ​sustainable practices, remote nomads work, work-life balance and wellness.

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What sets Manabu Communities apart from the ​crowd?

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Australia ranks 4th for best work-life balance globally.

Data Source -

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Adopt Work Life ​Balance

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supportive (Zero Egos)

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+ Inclusive

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Events, Workshops


quantity versus quality

Quality ​community ​rather than ​mass!

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Clear Rules

Everyone ​happy

Services We Provide


Japan, Asia & APAC

Supporting techpreneurs, ​nomads, and expats with ​strong network hubs

Launch Product/ Services

Demo-Day | Light Talks

See website

Scale Up Domestic (Japan) + ​Globally (Manabu Network)

**Visit our Demo Day + Light Talk website to explore fees, global promotion, and sponsorship opportunities. Check our website

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Previous Tech + Networking Events


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Program (Jpn, Fukuoka)

Gateway to Asia: Launch Your Startup in Japan

Explore Number 1 Startup Ecosystem in Japan

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21 - 23 October 2024

Conference, Connect Global Nomads, ​Netwoerking and Fun!

Are you an ambitious global entrepreneur with your ​sights set on the Japanese or Asian market? Manabu ​Community and FSCO, in partnership with Fukuoka's ​vibrant startup ecosystem, are thrilled to offer a ​comprehensive soft landing program designed to ​equip you for success.

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Collaborate with Us

Our Partners

Our community thrives because of these partners. Say hi!

Let’s collaborate. Chat with us.

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Free Members

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  • Public Facebook Groups ​(Communities)
  • Bento Lunch Club
  • Pay Events, Meeting-Ups
  • Newsletters

Pay Members

Meditating Flat Clean Remote Work Scene
  • 10% Discounts, Benefits
  • Networking
  • Exclusive Slack Channels
  • Introduction Business, Partners
  • Sponsor opportunities + Much More...


Discover the ideal match for your requirements by exploring the full list of benefits

**We customize our membership fees for large startups, enterprises, corporations, and government partners based on their specific needs and projects.

Free (Spark)




  • Access to limited resources
  • Bento Lunch Club, Public SNS ​Groups (Linkedln, Facebook)
  • Connect with other members in a ​limited community
  • Attend one online event p/quarter
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Individual (Explorer)

Solo Founder (no team), ​Devs, Snr Role, Individual



$250/year ​(discounted)

  • All Free benefits +:
  • Attend all local meetups
  • Discounts rates, workshops, & ​benefits-partners
  • Public Slack Channels
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Pro (Connector)

Startups of 2 or more ​members, VCs





  • All Individual benefits +:
  • Priority registration for ​events/workshops
  • Exclusive Private Slack channel ​for in-depth discussions
  • Mentoring, business intro
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Business (Collaborator)

Tech Hubs, Business, Sponsors, ​Partners, Growing Startups





  • All Pro benefits +:
  • Formal business introductions
  • Recruitment Access: Post job ​openings on the community
  • Exclusive partnerships ​opportunities and co-branding
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We are exciting to announce that NordVPN and ​their products (NordPass and NordLocker) are ​new business premium partner and collaborator ​of our global community!

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Protect yourself ​online: VPN security ​in a click

Avoid downloading ​malware

Block ads and ​trackers for more ​privacy

Blogs + News

Business Expansion Demo-Day + Pop Store.

Our Founder was Interviewed by ABC ​News (Australia) , Read More

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Testimonials from our valuable ​members

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Kenan Akbas

CEO, Alignwith

I’m glad to join this ​professional, high skill ​community, their connections ​and support is incredible!

Tsubaki Mason Y.

CEO, The Pastm Inc. Japan

Absolutely love this ​community! It’s a lifeline for ​anyone looking to expand in ​Fukuoka, bringing together ​foreigners with shared goals

Deana L.

CEO, VoodoCycle Taiwan

Their incredible support ​extended to locating a ​proficient event translator, ​amplifying our promotions, and ​in a short span, we achieved ​the remarkable feat of selling ​all our exhibit bikes in Fukuoka.

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