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Manabu Community: Connecting Tech Nomads Globally Since 2009, Manabu Community has ​fostered a thriving ecosystem for tech professionals, founder, business and software engineers, ​nomads worldwide. With over 15,000 members and a global newsletter reaching over 20,000 ​subscribers, we connect innovators and entrepreneurs across borders. Join Us!

Manabu Community Hub: Where Innovation Meets ​Sustainability

To empower a global network of tech leaders, remote workers, and eco-conscious individuals.

We believe in:

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down Barriers

Fostering collaboration and ​connection regardless of location, ​tech expertise or roles.

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Building a sustainable ​future

Championing eco-friendly practices ​and responsible technology ​development.

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Empowering ​individuals

Providing resources, support, and ​opportunities to help our members ​thrive.

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Join our Global Movement

Our Global Hubs are situated in Taiwan (Taipei), Australia (Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne), and Japan (Fukuoka ​City). Our membership subscription is designed to enable members to access exclusive benefits such as entry to our ​private Slack channel, networking opportunities with our business partners, participation in private events, ​professional business introductions, and various other privileges.

Local Networking

Hub in Japan

Fukuoka Startup Collective


Sunshine-Noosa Startup ​Collective (SNSCO)

Cairns Startup Collective



Taipei Startup Collective


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& Partners

Promote Your Brand, Startup & Business: Scale ​global with the help, support and network of our ​community Hubs.

Boost Local Economy: Stimulate local businesses ​and services through the spending power of ​remote workers, our members and international ​business partners.

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Foster lasting communities through international ​partnerships

Engage with our community to endorse sustainable practices and eco-friendly initiatives. Draw global talent to ​remote regions through curated guided tours, revitalizing local economies. Embrace novel experiences, ​sustainable methodologies, remote work for nomads, prioritizing work-life equilibrium, and wellness. Explore ​our article on the workation program in a rural Japanese town, Kama-Shi.

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What sets Manabu Communities apart from the crowd?

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Understanding global example of work balance. For example, ​Australia ranks 4th for best work-life balance globally.

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Work Life Balance - ​Adopt Global Experience

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+ Inclusive

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Events, Workshops


quantity versus quality

Quality ​community ​rather than ​mass!

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Clear Rules

Everyone ​happy

Services We Provide


Japan, Asia & APAC

Supporting techpreneurs, ​nomads, and expats with ​strong network hubs

Launch Product/ Services

Demo-Day | Light Talks

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Scale Up Domestic (Japan) + ​Globally (Manabu Network)

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Exciting Technology and Networking Events

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Gateway to Asia: Launch Your Startup in Japan

Explore Number 1 Startup Ecosystem in Japan

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21 - 23 October 2024

Conference, Connect with Global Nomads, ​Startups, Networking and Island Party

Are you an ambitious global entrepreneur with your sights set ​on the Japanese or Asian market? Manabu Community and ​FSCO, in partnership with Fukuoka's vibrant startup ​ecosystem, are thrilled to offer a comprehensive soft landing ​program designed to equip you for success.

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Softlanding ​Seminar

Softlanding in Japan by the power of Communities Hubs & Social-Sustainability Entrepreneurship. ​Follow by Bento Lunch Club Activity + COLIVE FUKUOKA2024 World Nomad Conference 13PM

For more details activities, seminar topics and Softlanding Events. Visit our program schedule

Wed, Oct 23 - 10am - 11:00am


Kenneth (Ken) Ho, ​Entrepreneurship Community ​& Manager Director ​BEAMSTART

Event Sponsored by ​CoLive Fukuoka 2024

Shane Mathews - Associate ​Professor Marketing + Global ​Entrepreneurship (QUT)


Softlanding Noh Theater

Bento Lunch Club

BBq Garden or Park Near (TBD

Pablo Riveros - Founder ​Manabu Community | ​Fukuoka Startup Collective


Robin Takashi Lewis - Co-​Founder mymizu | Co-CEO, ​Social Innovation


Noh Theater of Ohori Koen

(Cultural facility located in Ohori Park

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We are exciting to announce that we are ​official community ambassador and partners of ​the CoLive Fukuoka 2024 (1-31Oct 2024).

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